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The White Mountains, immediately east of the central Sierra Nevada in California and Nevada have one of the most complete sequences of deposits from glacial events in North America. New pre- and post-applications of new surface exposure dating methods make it possible to determine ages of geomorphic surfaces through analyses of multiple cosmogenic isotopes that accumulate in surface boulders. The goal of this collaborative project is to develop a numerical glacial chronology for the White Mountains using these surface-exposure dating methods in conjunction with dates based on associated volcanics, rock varnish, soils, and weathering. The investigators will use the same approach in the Sierra Nevada in order to an accurately compare the two records and to discriminate the effects of synoptic climatology versus tectonic history as controls on the glaciation of the mountain ranges. The research is anticipated to provide one of the most complete continental records of glacial events in North America. The results obtained also will provide a chronology for comparing a continental glacial record with other long-term records of continental and environmental change and with the well-established marine record. The study will use multiple and varied dating techniques, some of which are in the intial stages of development, to help unravel the glacial chronology of the White Mountains. This interdisciplinary research effort will help assess the viability of new dating approaches and various traditional glacial, soils, and geomorphological techniques used by physical geographers and other earth scientists.

NSF pushed to boost funding for dating and squeezing rocks

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This research will develop and refine the technique of dating lawsonite by the Lu/​Hf This proposal would represented the first NSF funding for S.R. Mulcahy.

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Currently, Earth scientists have a difficult time placing narrow constraints on the precise time that a fault occurs deep within the crust of the Earth. This project combines two state-of-the-science techniques to directly date the time of faulting along a key fault zone in southeast Alaska, and thereby date when ancient earthquakes occurred. Development of this new analytical technique will enable considerable future research and understanding of how Earth materials deform.

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NSF-funded technique may eventually allow scientists to better understand cycles of ice ages. This material is available primarily for archival purposes. Telephone numbers or other contact information may be out of date; please see current contact information at media contacts. A team of scientists, funded by the National Science Foundation NSF , has successfully used a new technique to confirm the age of a ,year-old sample of Antarctic ice.

The new dating system is expected to allow scientists to identify ice that is much older, thereby reconstructing climate much farther back into Earth’s history and potentially leading to an understanding of the mechanisms that cause the planet to shift into and out of ice ages. The new technique provides an accurate means of confirming the age of ice samples, and researchers note it is now the most precise dating tool for ancient ice.

Department of Energy.

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Arctic where the same site was occupied by multiple groups of people over time. This occupational history makes it easier to understand how past residents used the site and how those uses changed through time. The first excavation of Walakpa took place in , but much of the site remained unexplored. A few years ago, Walakpa began eroding into the sea due to rapid Arctic change, and urgent work to save the data began, resulting in data from two different excavations that need to be reconciled.

Radiocarbon dating research has been part of the University of Arizona since E​. Damon (Geosciences) with support from the National Science Foundation.

New research, however, has demonstrated that Chavin’s architectural sequence is much different and more complex than previously believed, and that its monumental construction concluded between – B. This represents a major shift in Chavin chronology that significantly impacts understanding of Andean formative social development.

Chavin’s few dates are now associated with the final monumental stage and later periods of the site’s long construction sequence. Consequently, the time depth represented by the undated, complex monumental stages prior to this suggests that the sequence extends much farther back in time than previously believed. This increased time-depth would dramatically change archaeologist’s understanding of the Andean formative period.

Additionally, many other formative sites are sparsely dated, making inter-site comparisons problematic.

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Mary Adair to obtain radiocarbon dates on domesticated maize specimens excavated from the archaeological site of Trowbridge. The materials were collected from an ancient trash pit which was excavated by an amateur archaeologist. Ceramics also recovered in the pit suggest a date of Middle Woodland times, ca. However such contextual dating is not definitive and a series of radiocarbon dates on the maize itself will solve the issue.

If the material in fact is Middle Woodland, it will represent the earliest domesticated maize found on the Great Plains.

Award Abstract # Regional Instrumentation Facilities For Radiocarbon Dating And Trace Elements. NSF Org: CHE · Division Of Chemistry. divider line.

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Under Florida law, any checks returned “NSF” (non-sufficient funds), “Account Not Do not accept post-dated checks (checks dated for future or indeterminate​.

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