The 1%: My story of recurrent miscarriage

Search Search. Menu Sections. Picture: Caroline Quinn. Tuesday September 28th started as a normal day but for me but there was an added excitement – I was almost 22 weeks pregnant and it was the day of my anomaly scan with my consultant in the hospital. Today I get to see my baby up on the big screen bouncing around. When I got into the hospital, I did a second Snapchat of me walking towards the scan room and then I put the phone away. Our scan appointment was for 3. I was busy guzzling back ice cold water to get the baby to be active for the scan.

Pregnancy-Related Fears: Know the Facts about Birth Defects

The thing is, because the date carries such meaning to us, we hang everything on it, and rightly so. We start planning, things like…. Yes, I kid you not! There are other due date calculation methods that exist that are based on science and research , but these tend not to be used.

Every effort has been made to make this book reflect the most up-to-date medical advice at Ultrasound scan to estimate when your baby is due, check the physical development find that talking openly about their fears helps them to cope.

W hen Sarah Carter was pregnant with her first child, she started digging into the research on ultrasounds, scouring studies in mice and rats. Then, she heard something that compounded her concerns. After an ultrasound, a friend of a friend was told her fetus had a limb malformation. Carter decided to refuse every ultrasound while pregnant. To her, the idea of spending her pregnancy anxious about ultrasound results seemed risky — riskier than the chance of missing something rare, but important, on a standard scan.

When her birthing center told her an ultrasound was mandatory to deliver there, she found a new provider. Ultrasounds are key to screening for serious developmental problems — including some that can be addressed in utero. Ultrasound results can dictate whether a woman needs to give birth at a certain kind of facility, so that specialists are on hand to care for the baby after birth. Prenatal care providers who spoke with STAT reported varying numbers of patients who refused ultrasound.

Some often encountered skepticism, while others more frequently cared for women who were on the opposite end of the spectrum: getting far more ultrasounds than they needed at new standalone clinics that offer 3D and 4D scans. All of them suggested the deviations from recommended scans were a new cause for concern.

Patient Stories – Molar Pregnancies

Early in pregnancy, you may be worried that you could have had a miscarriage and just not know it yet. You may also face the startling diagnosis of a miscarriage when you have had no signs there was something wrong. Unfortunately, by its very definition, a missed miscarriage usually means there are no symptoms before diagnosis.

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Antenatal during pregnancy anxiety is common — and it can affect men too. Excessive worry and the stress of anxiety can start to have a serious impact on your life. If you already have an anxiety disorder or you are someone who worries a lot, you may be at greater risk of developing anxiety during pregnancy. These symptoms can develop gradually, or you may experience them suddenly and intensely. Antenatal depression involves feeling low, numb and hopeless, losing confidence, being emotional or angry, not being able to sleep or eat properly, losing concentration and not being interested in people or activities they normally like.

Anxiety is treated with psychological therapies such as relaxation training, cognitive behavioural therapy or using mindfulness. You might also be encouraged to modify your lifestyle to reduce stress, exercise more and eat healthily. In more severe cases, your doctor might prescribe medication. They will discuss with you what medicines are safe to take during pregnancy. You should talk to your doctor or midwife to get on top if it as soon as you can. Last reviewed: October Find out what risk factors increase the likelihood that you will experience depression and anxiety during pregnancy or following childbirth.

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In our real-life version of snakes and ladders we had slid down another snake and were back to the start. I was 35 when our daughter was born and we took for granted that we would have a second child. I got pregnant almost as soon as we started trying but I had no pregnancy symptoms at all and a gut feeling that something was wrong.

It was May, , I was three months pregnant and this was my 12 week scan. I panicked throughout the pregnancy and was literally sick with fear on the days of and I am now about 4 weeks away from my due date, and am really excited.

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COVID-19 FAQs for Sonographers – Update 21/5/20

There are other due date calculation methods that exist that are based on science and research , but these tend not to be used. Crazy I know! Some women know this information.

Hearing the heartbeat and seeing the little jelly bean that matched my dates The 12 week scan, just two weeks later, was the only appointment I wasn’t going to change anything for this pregnancy and also I feared the very likely possibility.

But for mums that have previously experienced a loss, pregnancy can be a particularly anxious time and can feel far from the serene or happy experience that most women wish for. She wrote:. I felt good. All is good. Spinal cord? In position. But it made me realise how small the Pukka bean is; the size of a little hedgehog but without the spiky armour. It made me realise that at 21 weeks I’m only halfway there and that fear of loss still lurks gloomily behind the ultrasound machine. I still check for blood in my undercrackers at every loo visit, I Google ‘my baby isn’t moving’ every other day.

I dream of losing this one in a supermarket carpark; I still remember the five beans that didn’t make it. So while I wanted to holler from the rooftops today that this one has a wanger or a ‘Regina’ according to Mae , I can’t. We admire Anna for speaking out about her experience and want to reassure mums-to-be in her position that they are not alone. Grief is a complicated process that can creep up on you unawares at any moment.

Why I spent £2,000 on pregnancy scans

P regnancy tests become more affordable if bought in bulk online. I also know a bit about ultrasound scans. The NHS provides one at 12 and again at 20 weeks pregnant. We are sold a rose-tinted view of impending motherhood, bombarded with images of women with neat little bumps, faces radiant with joy and excitement. The message is clear: enjoy this special time.

All of them suggested the deviations from recommended scans were a told STAT they aren’t troubled by women who skip that “dating” scan.

Nuchal translucency is the name for the normal fluid space behind the neck of a foetus unborn baby that can be seen on ultrasound scans. A nuchal translucency scan also called first trimester of pregnancy screening is carried out during weeks 11—13 of a pregnancy. The scan uses ultrasound to screen for Down syndrome, or other chromosomal or inherited conditions in the foetus. Other non-chromosomal conditions, such as neural tube defects, abdominal wall defects, limb abnormalities and some congenital heart disease, can also be detected at this stage of the pregnancy.

Screening can determine the likelihood of risk of an abnormality, but does not diagnose the condition. If screening does identify a possible risk, it does not necessarily mean there is an abnormality present, but does mean that further testing is necessary.

Top Pregnancy Fears You Can Feel Better About

Exhilaration, excitment, joy, amazement – all emotions it’s common to feel when you find out that you’re pregnant. But something that’s talked about less often is that it can also be a time of pregnancy anxiety and worry, especially when when a higher risk factor is involved. Here’s Fran talking about how she felt during her first pregnancy, and when she found out she was expecting twins:.

I was afraid to feel happy about it, as though that might jinx the pregnancy. completely up-to-date on all information and following it explicitly.

Anxiety, alarmist thoughts, sleepless nights and an inability to think about much else: these are very normal emotions before the mid-term anomaly scan. The week scan can be scary enough, but the period leading up to the anomaly scan can feel like the slowest and most agonising of tortures. It is during this scan that a number of serious problems can be flagged up. These include the following:. However, you may feel like quietly retiring to a soundproofed room, closing and locking the door and letting out a big scream.

You can at least arm yourself with as much information as possible. You can find a link to it here. Whatever the case, at the very least make an effort to be there for the scan, so unless you have the biggest meeting of your working life and it is all the way on the other side of the world, show your support so that whatever happens, good news or bad, you are there, in partnership, experiencing the whole thing together.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists RCOG recommends that all sonographers who undertake fetal anomaly scans should be properly trained in how to communicate findings with full regard to the emotional consequences. Lastly, it is important to remember that the anomaly scan is not foolproof, some anomalies may be missed. The statistical accuracy of the scan for specific conditions is outlined below:. Whatever the outcome, being engaged is paramount and being there to support each other is vital.

While you both may feel like spending time on your own, being together to work through the feelings of fear and anxiety is paramount to helping you cope.